Football Betting Strategies

Football betting strategies, like other sports strategies, cannot provide 100% winnings. But, an analysis of the meetings, statistics and calculations made will allow the player, with a greater degree of probability, to calculate a positive result. With all the variety of bets on football in the bookmakers, everyone has the right to choose the most optimal strategy option when betting at https://maxfootballbets.com/.

Flat strategy

Flat, or “a fixed percentage of the bank,” is the most common strategy among football betting enthusiasts. This fact is due to the simplicity of its rules. With systematic wins, the bank and the size of bets gradually increase, and with losses, they decrease. The main rule here is to set a certain percentage of all available capital.

Martingale Strategy

The strategy of Martingale, or the “catch-up” game, consists in a gradual increase in rates, depending on what kind of profit was obtained. The essence of the system is to consistently double the amount of the lost bet, provided that the coefficient is high enough (at least 2.0). The most important circumstance of applying the Martingale strategy is the determination of the amount that the player is ready to lose, up to, covering all previous failures, the winning bet.

Strategies of D'Alembert, Oscar Grind, Danish Strategy

There is nothing more than modified versions of the game “after”. Only the rules for increasing bets, the size of the odds, attracting a percentage of capital, and other game equivalents change.

Tank attack method: The essence of the strategy is to distribute all capital to a certain number of groups (tanks). Each part of the money works independently of each other, which allows you to compensate for the loss of one group, winning another. Further moves may vary depending on the size of current capital.

Miller Plateau Management

A fairly simple and conservative betting strategy for football, primarily suitable for cautious players who want to increase the money bank, avoiding major financial losses. The main principles of the strategy are:

  • The ratio should be at least 1.9.
  • The player bets exclusively on events that should take place with a probability of 50% or higher.
  • The interest rate should not exceed 2% of the entire bank.

The rate increase occurs when the total capital increases by 25%. It is at this moment that the transition to the next “plateau” takes place.


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